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Diane Von Furstenberg’s Good Advice

Andy Warhol, Von Furstenberg and Monique van Vooren in 1974 © Getty Images

Diane Von Furstenberg turned up last night at the New York Times Center to talk about her leopard-spotted mannequin, part of the Fashion Center‘s Sidewalk Catwalk exhibition. As usual, she left us with a lovely little stack of one-liners.

On Twittering: “If you put the word ‘love’ in your Twitter,” she advised Prabal Gurung, “everyone will follow.”

On intuition: “You only know that bag is ‘it’ when it’s ‘it’.”

On perseverance: “There are little cracks. And if you’re a nice little weed, you’ll grow in the cracks.”

May this leopard never change her spots.

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