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We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us Against

(On Amy, center) Top, Hanro. Boxers, Calida. Bracelet, Marc by Marc Jacobs. (On Arvida, right)  Jacket, Acne. Briefs, Hanro. Photography by Nina Andersson Styling by Tereza Ortiz at Agent Bauer Hair by Kalle Eklund at Mikas Looks Models: Erika Wall, Arvida Byström, Oskar L. at Nisch Management and Amy Z. at Elite Model Stockholm (On [...]

Neuw Denim

Divisive biologist Svante Pääbo has hypothesized that instead of a physical trait, like opposable thumbs, the distinguishing characteristic between humans and other creatures of the animal kingdom is a certain madness a “Faustian restlessness” that relentlessly drives us to expand and innovate. This could be interpreted as a quest for immortality or, as Svante suggests, [...]

Heat, Me-Heat, Re-Heat

Since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth hit theaters in 2006, global warming has become a mainstream issue and concern that has finally initiated change within the New York fashion industry. In the past year, Sweden, a sustainable fashion leader, brought its exhibition Eco Chic: Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion stateside; the Green Shows became a regular [...]

Dossier in Conversation with Via Snella

A look from Via Snella Last summer I was invited by the lovely Swedish menswear designer Lina Zedig to stay in her summer house in Sweden… How very nice of her! Via Snella means “Very Nice” in Swedish, but Lina tells me she actually took the name from the Italian phrase meaning “little road.” We [...]

Carin Wester’s Beeping Sleauty

Beeping Sleauty, Swedish designer Carin Wester’s F/W10 video, hooked me with its word play. It’s the sort of creative use of the English language that only foreigners can successfully employ. Despite the title, the actual video is fairly dark with a dominant Scandinavian aesthetic. It’s notable for its ability to both highlight Wester’s signature style—clean [...]