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The Rising Tide

Accessories, Flapper. Directed, shot and edited by Samantha Casolari Featuring: Genevieve Xhaet and Saray Adan Music: “Uviol” by Arizono Kazuhiro Location: Sicily, Italy 2012

Ignazio Bissoli In Conversation

Furs, coats, dresses and bags, Ignazio Bissoli. Photography by Davide Lantermoz. Styling by Fabiana Fierotti. Hair and makeup by Sonya Khan. Model: Lydia at Women Direct Fabiana Fierotti: Introduce yourself, please. Ignazio Bissoli: I live and work in Palermo, where I grew up and started my business; actually, my origins are split in two: [I [...]

In Conversation with Odile Orsi of MUTA

Looks from MUTA Taking a less-is-more approach to fashion design, Odile Orsi launched MUTA in 2010 with the express purpose of updating and exploring the potential of the sheath dress. With origins steeped in Hubert di Givenchy, Audrey Hepburn and the ’60s, in the past 50 years the sheath dress has become a worldwide wardrobe [...]

In Conversation with Studiopretzel

Studiopretzel founder Emiliano Laszlo. Image by Marco Annunziata. Is consumerism killing craftmanship? How much longer will quality clothing exist? Fashion these days often forces industry insiders to forgo words such as quality and craftmanship in the name of survival, as defined by profit margins and output. In Florence, however, Studiopretzel is bucking the trend, offering [...]

In Conversation with Sylvia Pichler, a.k.a. Zilla

An architect by education, Sylvia Pichler has moved from designing buildings to transforming everyday materials into visionary bags, which she sells under the name Zilla. Combining cork, sponge and other unconventional objects with more traditional textiles, like leather, the bags recall her native northern Italian region’s (Alto Adige) artistic traditions and reveal a progressive view [...]