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Amélie Pichard In Conversation

All clothing, Amélie Pichard. Photography by Adrian Crispin. Styling by Charlötte Cargnello. Hair by Yoann Fernandez. Makeup by Sariye Kozan. Models: Charlötte Cargnello and Nadja Lakdari. Special Thanks to Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer. Shot on Location at the Piscine Pontoise, Paris. In the celebrated tradition of Parisian artists, Amélie Pichard is Proustian in outlook and refined in [...]

No. 6 In Conversation

Morgan Yakus and Karin Bereson of No. 6 Seven years ago when Karin Bereson and Morgan Yakus opened the boutique, No. 6 , in Manhattan’s Little Italy, “hot” was still being used as a descriptor for the era’s ubiquitous embellished denim and ruched, lace-up boots. The pair opted to eschew those (and all) trends and [...]

The Story Behind Fivestory

In 2010, Claire Distenfeld cold called the interior designer Ryan Korban. She had a project that only he—the visionary behind Alexander Wang’s Mercer Street store and numerous celebrity homes—could execute. Intrigued, Ryan listened and liked what he heard: Claire, a veteran of the art world, and her father, Fred, were planning to open a boutique [...]

In Conversation with Lucy Folk

We revolve our day around food, yet the role it plays in our lives is often underestimated—food provides comfort, pleasure and is often shared with the ones we care most about. It is one of the most powerful triggers of memory; just the sight of a particular dish can evoke the most intimate past event. [...]

Saint James x André

Saint James x André The fashion industry’s touchstone is nearly always France—more precisely Paris, sure, but the entire country possesses a mystique that has captivated creative influencers and innovators for generations. It is the home of haute couture, birthplace of prêt-à-porter and chosen headquarters of designers ranging from Jean Patou, Christian Dior and Madeleine Vionnet [...]