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Elke Kramer in Conversation

Images by Jacob Ring Arriving at the Sydney home of Elke Kramer, I am first met by the jewelry designer’s voice, a saccharine, faraway greeting that wafts through the ground-floor window. Minutes later, a face appears: olive skinned and striking, framed by tight, excitable curls. Then, I see the newborn in her arms—her first child, [...]

In Conversation with Lucy Folk

We revolve our day around food, yet the role it plays in our lives is often underestimated—food provides comfort, pleasure and is often shared with the ones we care most about. It is one of the most powerful triggers of memory; just the sight of a particular dish can evoke the most intimate past event. [...]

A Moment with Anja Konstantinova

Dress, Christopher Kane. Images by Benedict Brink. Styling by Clare Byrne. Name: Anja Konstantinova Age: 21 Occupation: Model Hometown: I was born in Russia and lived in St. Petersburg. When I was 12 years old, my whole family and I moved to Melbourne, Australia because my mum got offered a job. Now I live in [...]

In Conversation with Estelle Dévé

French-born, Australian-based jewelry designer Estelle Dévé finds inspiration in futuristic visions from the past. Looking to ’70s sci-fi, George Orwell and ancient mythology, she fuses the natural with the supernatural, creating worn space-age relics. Jean Kemshal-Bell: When did you first realize you wanted to become a jewelry designer? Estelle Dévé: I don’t actually remember. My [...]

Neuw Denim

Divisive biologist Svante Pääbo has hypothesized that instead of a physical trait, like opposable thumbs, the distinguishing characteristic between humans and other creatures of the animal kingdom is a certain madness a “Faustian restlessness” that relentlessly drives us to expand and innovate. This could be interpreted as a quest for immortality or, as Svante suggests, [...]