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Loulou Reloulou In Conversation

Images by Hatnim Lee. London-based, French designer Loulou Reloulou crafts garments for lovers or friends—groups and pairs who are so intimate that they want to be as physically connected as they are emotionally. Part performance art, part fashion, these conjoined creations turn the notion of “personal” style on its head. Hatnim Lee: How did you [...]

In Conversation with Erik Hart

FACTORY by Erik Hart, Fall 2011 There’s a converse directness and ambiguity to Erik Hart’s work that leaves one with a feeling of pleasant unease, mostly because although it’s austere it can’t be readily contextualized. Though Erik designs a womenswear line called FACTORY by Erik Hart, he doesn’t label FACTORY as a clothing brand, but [...]

Greg Lauren

Image courtesy of Jeff Forney It takes about five seconds to classify Greg Lauren as the all-American boy, err… man next door. Except his shiny, wavy locks and disarming smile mean he’s too good looking to actually be your neighbor. He’s the guy playing the part of the guy next door in, say, Desperate Housewives. [...]

Langley Hemingway

Left: Top, Edmond Escobar. Jewelry, model’s own. Right: Skirt, Comme des Garçons. Scarf, G-Star RAW. Boots, Dr. Martens. Watch, model’s own. Photography by Robin Black. Styling by Brett Bailey. Makeup by Amy Strozzi. Special thanks to Mariel Hemingway for the use of her beautiful home. The great-granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway, daughter of actress Mariel [...]

Kathy Grayson Curates Style 2010

In a fit of wanderlust, a bright-eyed and curious Kathy Grayson moved to New York City the day after she graduated from Dartmouth. Upon arrival, she just happened to land a job as a receptionist at Deitch Projects. Within a year, she went from answering phones to answering to the title of Director, curating the [...]