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The Story Behind Fivestory

In 2010, Claire Distenfeld cold called the interior designer Ryan Korban. She had a project that only he—the visionary behind Alexander Wang’s Mercer Street store and numerous celebrity homes—could execute. Intrigued, Ryan listened and liked what he heard: Claire, a veteran of the art world, and her father, Fred, were planning to open a boutique [...]

In Conversation with Lucy Folk

We revolve our day around food, yet the role it plays in our lives is often underestimated—food provides comfort, pleasure and is often shared with the ones we care most about. It is one of the most powerful triggers of memory; just the sight of a particular dish can evoke the most intimate past event. [...]

Chronicles of NY Fashion Week – Fall 2012: Chris Benz & Leather Japan

Backstage at Chris Benz. Images by Dan McMahon. Click “Read More” for additional images.

Chronicles of NY Fashion Week – Fall 2012: Peter Som, Pamela Love & Erickson Beamon

Backstage at Peter Som. Images by Cara Stricker. Click “Read More” for additional images.

In Conversation with Estelle Dévé

French-born, Australian-based jewelry designer Estelle Dévé finds inspiration in futuristic visions from the past. Looking to ’70s sci-fi, George Orwell and ancient mythology, she fuses the natural with the supernatural, creating worn space-age relics. Jean Kemshal-Bell: When did you first realize you wanted to become a jewelry designer? Estelle Dévé: I don’t actually remember. My [...]