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Scarves in the Springtime

Originally a harness and saddlery workshop, Hermès has aligned with highbrow athletics since its inauguration in 1837. Modern croquet officially debuted in 1856, though records suggest it had been around since the early 1600s as palle-malle. Nearly 200 years later, the two make adorable bedfellows in Hermès’ Long Live Sport Spring 2013 video, which highlights [...]

Elke Kramer in Conversation

Images by Jacob Ring Arriving at the Sydney home of Elke Kramer, I am first met by the jewelry designer’s voice, a saccharine, faraway greeting that wafts through the ground-floor window. Minutes later, a face appears: olive skinned and striking, framed by tight, excitable curls. Then, I see the newborn in her arms—her first child, [...]

Chris Habana in Conversation with Zana Bayne and Char Alfonzo

Char Alfonzo and Zana Bayne (in necklace by Chris Habana). Image by by Nick Blumenthal. Interview by Chris Habana. Videos by Zana Bayne and Char Alfonzo. Special Thanks to Todd Pendu. Chris Habana: First of all, I’ve never played interviewer so this is really exciting for me. I imagine myself as Barbara Walters, without the [...]

Lady Grey’s Jewels and Jams

An audiovisual tour of the Lady Grey Spring 2012 collection “Trapezium” (a.k.a. Lady Grey’s Summer Jams): You will never find silence in our studio. Aside from the hammers, drills, metal grinding and clanking, we’re constantly blasting music to keep us in the groove. During summer, a direct feed of sonic energy into our brains is [...]

Jessica Barensfeld’s Creations

Images by Samantha Casolari “A lot of people ask me what’s going on this season. There’s nothing going on this season; it’s what’s going on right now,” says jewelry designer Jessica Barensfeld. The native New Yorker isn’t interested in following trends or being fashionable, and she deliberately shuns traditional marketing strategies. “My mind just doesn’t [...]