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Wish You Were Here


Featured fashion label Social Suicide.

New York undeniably has a lot to offer. Still, every so often I get a nostalgic pang for London. Along with moderate weather, I miss the Tate Modern, Borough Market and true London fashion. The difference between New Yorkers’ and Londoners’ style cannot be singularly pinpointed; but like, say, sparkling water and club soda, it’s profound. Consequently, when the always delightful and brilliant Jo Jackson—co-founder of Beyond the Valley: one of the Old Smoke’s first concept shops—emailed with the news of Wish You Were Here (WYWH), a “transatlantic experience linking two like-minded destinations, ” well, she had me at transatlantic.

Connecting London’s Newburgh Quarter with Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the swap officially kicks off this Saturday, August 22nd with the opening of a pop-up shop at 186 Orchard Street. Running through September 13th, the Felix & Merlin designed space is an artistic landscape of shipping crates featuring—in addition to Beyond the Valley and Social Suicide—British labels Twenty8Twelve, Hurwundeki and more. As well as jumpers (their sweaters, our one-pieces), WYWH includes artist-in-residence Shantell Martin along with various fashion and culture events. And, as the word “exchange” indicates, on October 3rd In God We Trust, Earnest Sewen, Hairy Mary’s Vintage & Design and other LES boutiques will head across the pond.

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