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Some Really Nice Shoes


As a woman, I’m always jealous of classic men’s shoes. The women’s version are always somehow stylized or rethought and never exactly right. My feet are almost – but not quite – big enough to fit men’s sizes, and the whole thing is just really frustrating. Long story short, I went to this party last week that Cole Haan was doing for the launch of their new line. The line is called Cole, Rood and Haan, an homage to the company’s original founders in the 1920′s. Handmade in India, they look and feel like good, old school shoes, the kind that you’ll wear forever and will only get better as they age. And the women’s versions are just as classic as the men’s. They were giving away free shoes at the party, so I was able to try on every style and can tell you that they are also really comfortable (here’s a tip: if you want to throw a really well-attended launch party, give away something nice for free. This party was like the Barney’s Warehouse Sale, at least on the women’s side of the room. For some reason, guys are much better mannered when it comes to these things). Anyway, the shoes were really nice, and there was more than one pair I would have liked to bring home with me. Sadly, I can’t show you a picture of my shoes I finally did pick because they didn’t have my size, but they were nice enough to take down my name and promise to send them to me. I can assure you that I’ve been looking out for them every day since.

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