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Sometimes—on a day like today, for instance—you need a little pick me up. Shopping is one solution, but former handbag designer Alexandra Lauro’s new jewelry line PiperTree provides a long-term fix; it’s created to make the wearer feel pretty and physically better. Using semi-precious stones, Lauro’s pieces transmit a calming energy. And while the concept may seem esoteric, its roots lie in personal experience. “When I was in the first grade, I truly despised going to school,” she explains. “I would cry with separation anxiety. So to alleviate some of my stress, my mother had given me a heart-shaped Rose Quartz. She gently tucked it into my pocket one day and said that the little heart was a piece of her, so we were never truly apart. It always made me feel so protected and safe. Presently, I seek that same sense of well-being every time a wearable wonder emerges from these two tiny hands.”

The designer starts by selecting enhanced gems, like Spirit, Cactus and Fairy Quartz. Fairy Quartz is said to be soothing to you and those around you, and Spirit is supposed to dissipate fear. Next, Lauro wraps the iridescent rocks in black gold, bronze or silver and hangs them from adjustable braided ropes, lanyards or leather cords, or integrates them into organic cuffs and stone-encrusted seashell rings.

Accessories that are healing and aesthetically pleasing. What’s that saying again? Two birds, one stone?

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  1. EA
    Posted March 30, 2010 at 11:36 am | Permalink

    What a unique and warm article.
    It gave a heart beat and personality to a piece of brillantly designed jewelry.

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