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Loulou Reloulou In Conversation


Images by Hatnim Lee.

London-based, French designer Loulou Reloulou crafts garments for lovers or friends—groups and pairs who are so intimate that they want to be as physically connected as they are emotionally. Part performance art, part fashion, these conjoined creations turn the notion of “personal” style on its head.

Hatnim Lee: How did you start making clothing for multiple people?

Loulou Reloulou: One of my friends in Paris invited me to participate in his interactive artistic evening. He is a composer; I’m a fashion designer. Creating clothes for multiple people was an idea to invite people to dance together! It was a really fun music/fashion moment… I decided to continue to experiment with this concept of sharing clothes.

Hatnim: Where do you find your inspiration?

Loulou: I really like to observe people. Inspiration is just a connection between what I feel inside me, my personal creative energy and the feelings I get back from others… The needs and desires of people connect them to my own fantasies. Making the dreams concrete in the reality is what I try to do.

Hatnim: If you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you be?

Loulou: I would like to be a primary school teacher. I really like children… I like their energy and the way that they are in the present instant. [They are] more alive! But I think that I would not be a good teacher because I am not really interested in language, mathematics or geography… I prefer to organize painting, drawing and sculpture activities and create with children all day long.

Hatnim: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Loulou: I always thought that there was no job that existed for me, but now I have created a new one by mixing several. [When I was little], I always wanted to play in my room. Creating in my fashion studio and imagining amazing events with shared clothes is my way of continuing to play. I became a fashion designer with an artistic approach.

Hatnim: What do you love and hate about living in London?

Loulou: I like the feeling of being in a city where I really want to be. It was a dream for me when I lived in Paris to change capitals. London is the territory of clothing freedom. I feel free to get dressed as I want and it helps me to experiment even more. Nothing is bad for me in London at the moment, and I hope that it is going to continue for a long time.

Hatnim: What do you miss about Paris?


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Loulou: Majesty, elegance… Paris is really a beautiful city. The architecture is an ideal [backdrop] for a movie, and it is so great to evolve in a nice environment. But maybe it is too grey… I really need colors!

Hatnim: What is the best compliment you’ve received, and the best criticism?

Loulou: When a smile appears, it is really a compliment! To see people have fun wearing my clothes is a warm moment for me. I like when my clothing creates an emotion, when people play together inside… “Your clothes are dangerous” is my best criticism. When people understand that something can “degenerate” inside the garment, it means that the clothes really have a power.

Hatnim: What does fashion mean to you?

Loulou: Fashion is an experimental landscape, with many colors and so different materials…but I really want to add the “human” material. Fashion is here to take your body and your brain in different directions, and I think [my garments] are a good way to move fashion towards a less narcissistic horizon.



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