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Lindsey Thornburg – Tom Fool Are We

Lindsey Thornburg is fine with being called the cloak lady—just don’t call her the cape lady. Since 2006, Lindsey has been making blanket-like cloaks in Navajo patterns that keep you warm and looking amazingly chic, not an easy feat. Developing a cult following while being knocked-off by countless imitators, Lindsey continues to streamline her cloaks, modifying the sleeves and lengths of this unisex staple. Recently, she has also been evolving her collection to include maxi-dresses in fabrics like rich silk-velvet, vibrant hand tie-dyed gowns adorned with unexpected details, traditional bolero jackets with cut-out backs, high-waisted, nearly sheer lace stretch pants and the softest sweaterdresses ever. To present Lindsey’s most recent collection, Lindsey, photographer Olivia Malone and director Crystal Moselle created a video called “Tom Fool Are We,” which encapsulates the spirit of Lindsey’s designs—daring, flirty, mysterious and definitely a little different.

Katherine Krause: Where did you get the inspiration for the movie?

Lindsey Thornburg: It’s a direct inspiration from a 1971 French horror film called Requiem Pour Un Vampire by Jean Rollin. For all those film buffs out there, Olivia, Crystal and I are paying homage to our love of ’60s psychedelic films. In no way are we intending to claim this concept as an original thought.

Katherine: Where did you shoot it?

Lindsey: We shot in a town called Jamaica, Vermont. It’s close to the base of Stratton Mountain. It’s a strange place—I liken the energy to a ghost town still populated.

Katherine: If you could only watch one movie for the rest of time, what would it be?

Lindsey: Legends of the Fall. “All we had is dead. As I am dead. Marry another.” So good.

Katherine: What informed this collection—what makes it different than anything else you’ve done?

Lindsey: This year we added a new silhouette to the cloaks called the “Trench Cloak.” The trench cloak has an oversized bell sleeve, which gives you more mobility without losing the feeling of the cloak. The collection differs every year. As I grow stronger as a designer, I’m more comfortable with my aesthetic and I have more overall confidence and resources to get my ideas across.

Katherine: Which is your favorite piece from this collection?

Lindsey: The brush-fire amber gown and the night sky trench cloak.

Katherine: You seem drawn to lush fabrics and bold patterns—where do you think that sensibility comes from?

Lindsey: It’s not limited to one thing. I was raised in Aspen. [We were] working class. However, I was exposed to super over-the-top lux lifestyles and clothing. In general, I’m just a tactile person. A bold print is nothing without an appealing hand.

Katherine: Did you design the patterns in your new cloaks?

Lindsey: No, the new cloak patterns are Pendleton still, but instead of using their bolt fabric I’m using blankets. The new trench cloak is adapted to fit the blankets. By using the blanket rather the the bolt fabric, I’m able to still use Pendleton but it feels fresh because I’m not limited to Navajo-esque prints.

Katherine: Why did you start making cloaks?

Lindsey: Necessity. I could never find a winter coat that I liked.

Katherine: What’s your favorite part about making clothes?

Lindsey: Taking thoughts from the sky and turning them into reality.

Katherine: What’s your least favorite thing about it?

Lindsey: Getting knocked off.

Katherine: Who are some of your all-time style icons?

Lindsey: Jane Birkin, Daphne Guinness, Dita Von Teese, Madonna circa 1991, Kurt Cobain… He’d be so bummed to be considered a style icon, but whatevs.

Katherine: What’s something that you haven’t done yet that you’re dying to do?

Lindsey: Meet my soulmate.

Katherine: Any exciting plans for fall?

Lindsey: A Halloween party with Dossier??

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