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Kathy Grayson Curates Style 2010

In a fit of wanderlust, a bright-eyed and curious Kathy Grayson moved to New York City the day after she graduated from Dartmouth. Upon arrival, she just happened to land a job as a receptionist at Deitch Projects. Within a year, she went from answering phones to answering to the title of Director, curating the breakout Brooklyn show Dirt Wizards. Now an eight-year veteran of Deitch, her creative juices are still flowing and her passion as strong as ever—hence her excitement in curating ten ideal opening-night outfits for this season’s upcoming, highly anticipated art exhibitions.

“There are lots of great openings coming up this art season. Here’s what I would wear to them if I had my way and the means…”

(Above) The Whitney Biennial: “I would wear BLAND cigarette pins all over in celebration of Aurel Schmidt’s inclusion in the Biennial. Her work features cigarette butts everywhere and swirling NYC garbage. Teddy Willoughby who does BLAND is a friend of ours and would cover us with cigarettes given half the chance.”

(Below) Rosson Crow’s show at Deitch Projects in March: “One of the Zac Posen dresses this painter designed the fabric for! This is the best piece she made with him—although I bet she will be wearing it herself!”

Jim Drain’s performance at Greene Naftali Gallery on February 3rd: “I just heard that this crazy Providence knitter and sculptor made sweaters for Opening Ceremony! Obviously I am going to buy one and wear it to his performance at the gallery.”

Mitzi Pederson in February at Nicole Klagsbrun: “She is a minimal and conceptual kind of lady who takes staid minimalists like Donald Judd or Fred Sandback and spices them up with some feminine flair. I would wear this really minimal dress I own by Silence and Noise. I only really buy clothes on eBay and anyway, so who am I kidding?”

Jules de Balincourt in April at Deitch Projects: “Jules is a funky Frenchman via LA surfer bum painter who lives in Brooklyn, and I would definitely sew one of my own weird dresses out of thrift store junk. Jules has a folksy do-it-yourself aesthetic that wouldn’t go well with an off-the-rack item at all.”

Ryan McGinley in March at Team Gallery: “His new cave photos are super dramatic neon natural works with vibrant colors, not like his previous stuff. I would wear this awesome neon Proenza Schouler dress that has natural forms but looks like a glow in the dark moon rock! I got to meet them when they collaborated with Kembra Pfahler on a summer show in Florence, so they might even cut me a deal.”

Agathe Snow at James Fuentes Gallery this fall: “Agathe is one of the more fashionable artists I know. I would wear threeASFOUR to her show, not just because she used to collaborate with them but because they are her favorite designers and awesome artists themselves. I’ve never worn a dress with a see-through bottom, but you only live once, I suppose!”

Terence Koh opening in September at Mary Boone Gallery: “I would wear Gareth Pugh, definitely. Terence loves to play dress up. He is an extreme fashion icon, so you have to go extreme with him. This crazy dress is just wearable enough to show up in, and essentially guarantees you an invitation to all the after-parties.”

Ben Jones’ outdoor video art presentation in the Works Gallery this summer: “I would need something neon and comic. Kansas City designer Peggy Noland is, I think, the way to go. She sent me some scratch-and-sniff tights in the mail once, so I know I could count on her to make me something perfect.”

Gardar Eide Einarsson in April at Team Gallery: “My favorite works by Gardar are always black and white, and always text. It would be fun to wear a vintage Stephen Sprouse dress like the below, but I don’t know if Gardar is really down with the ‘80s street graffiti Haring vibes the pieces are giving off.”


  1. btm crew
    Posted February 2, 2010 at 7:21 pm | Permalink

    Gr8 work Kathy!!!

  2. lalala
    Posted February 4, 2010 at 2:47 pm | Permalink

    ah! i love peggy noland!

  3. neorush
    Posted February 7, 2010 at 3:54 pm | Permalink

    Jules is French via San Francisco! Where do you think he picked up that funky aesthetic. Not in LA!!

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