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Eva and Mia Fahler: Submerged

Photography by Yana Toyber. Styling by Alison Mazur. Models: Eva and Mia Fahler. Dresses, Dahl by Allison Kelly. Jewelry, Pamela Love. Pearls, Kiki De Montparnasse.

This project focuses on the surreal world of Eva and Mia Fahler, identical Scandinavian twins who posses a unique and at the same time identical beauty. As an artist, I was immediately awed by the pair’s porcelain complexions and slight, fairy-like features. Getting to know them better, I was entranced by their complex and interesting lives.

Eva and Mia are international activists, muses and artists—Mia an interior designer and Eva an actress. They travel frequently but agreed to collaborate on this project when they are in NY. I have been conducting visual experiments of Eva and Mia in several mediums, including video and photography. As of now, there are two series within one. Much like the twins themselves, the work’s core has been split in two. One group is called “Mirrors” and the other, “Embryos.”

“Mirrors” focuses on aesthetic beauty and style of the twins’ lives, the places they inhabit and what they express emotionally to the outside world. “Embryos” is an understanding of what happens at a deeper level: the beginning, birth. Submerged in water, Eva and Mia naturally revert to infantile behavior. They use basic instincts to survive, as they did at birth. You see their similarities, their base survival methods and the strong bond that is foreign to those of us without a twin. –Yana Toyber

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