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CARDIGAN’s Sweater Stories

Along with crisp breezes and candy corn, September always carries at least a little dose of melancholy. Summer memories gradually fade to shorter days, and we experience a conflicting desire to concurrently return to the beach and crawl under the covers, which is precisely what makes the above video so comforting.

Created for CARDIGAN by Lynne Hiriak, the video—shot by Trevor Smith for House of All on the shores of Montauk—is like a little audiovisual love letter to the end of summer, the sea and the consoling spirit of sweaters. The French soundtrack, Camino del Sol by Antena, and Charlotte Gainsbourg-esque model, jewelry designer Caroline Ventura, provide the poetic undertones. Moreover, the film captures a certain sentimentality that aligns with the brand’s larger message: Cardigans are wardrobe staples that should be celebrated for their timelessness, versatility and essentiality.

Both the video and the relaunch of CARDIGAN’s website mark Hiriak’s most recent efforts to disseminate this idea and to empower visitors to curate their own cardigan wardrobe. In the designer’s words, “Your cardigan is a reflection of your life. More cardigans equal more love, warmth, memories, fun and connection.”

To emphasize this point, starting October 5th, the site will feature the “Jump” campaign, which presents friends of CARDIGAN telling a personal story about CARDIGAN or cardigans and sharing a link to something they love. And for those future memories…for the first time menswear is available alongside signature cozy, sparkly and striped women’s knits.

Images from the “Jump” campaign

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  1. claudia haspedis
    Posted September 30, 2010 at 7:17 am | Permalink

    What a great piece to welcome the beginning of Fall-almost makes me happy to see it and wear a great cozy sweater. Go to the beach this weekend.

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