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Bless at Paris Fashion Week F/W10

03.04.2010 at 21:04 46 Rue de Sevigne, 75003 Paris. Images by Spela Kasal.

“Mademoiselle, s’il vous plaît. Stand back! You might get injured,” said a press rep as I tried to finagle a top spot in Le Marais’ Sevigne loft for Bless’ F/W10 presentation. Naturally, I thought he was being ridiculous. Injured at a fashion show? By what, a flying stiletto? I ignored him, but perhaps I should have taken a hint from the oddly shaped black, red and yellow punching bags that were arranged on stage. Each piece of this perplexing gym equipment was painted with a letter, number or keyboard command—and in the center a giant computer screen glowed. The first model jogged on stage in a pair of rust-colored baggy, pleated pants, with a nubby red-and-white scarf draped over her head. Punching the air, she approached the unorthodox athletic set-up and BAM! a punching bag nearly knocked the sunnies clear off my face. Touché, Bless press rep, touché.

The next competitor, a winded gentleman in a cozy grey wool layered look, graced us with a few push-ups before he joined in. The two models screamed letters as they smacked away at the punching bags. And then it all made sense: They were writing an e-mail! Clever. I know I feel as though I’ve had a brutal workout after a day of virtual correspondence. Each editor—although slightly shaken after my near knock-out—was thoroughly amused. And while the models probably would have worked up less of a sweat if they had donned proper gym attire, rather than the street-chic powder blue hooded suits, cheerful crimson wool scarves and layered, padded looks that were featured in the collection, it was apparent through their smiles, yells and rosy cheeks that this was one of the most rejuvenating presentations of all Paris Fashion Week—just what we’ve come to expect from Bless.

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03.04.2010 at 21:05 46 Rue de Sevigne, 75003 Paris

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  1. claudia haspedis dixon
    Posted March 7, 2010 at 9:51 pm | Permalink

    and yes… we DO love Bless.

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