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Anna Sheffield’s Mystery Tour

From left: A custom number necklace; the clock’s missing 11

Burglary, mystery and buried treasure. Jewelry designer Anna Sheffield’s most recent collaboration has all the makings of a Nancy Drew novel, except the treasure is real—and you’re Nancy.

The crime portion of the project is detailed in The Clock Without a Face, a tale from McSweeney’s publishing house about an annoying importer, Bevel Ternkey, whose prized ancient clock (the Emerald Chroniker) has gone missing. Suspects include an alchemist, mime and 18 others. Aside from the issue of retrieving the lost item, the head detective has fled the scene, which means it’s up to the reader to solve the riddle.

To aid the search, artist Scott Teplin has contributed elaborate illustrations that contain hidden clues revealing how the clock was stolen and where its emerald encrusted numbers genuinely are now. Sheffield, meanwhile, has created one-of-a-kind numeric jewels, which are truly hidden in holes across the United States. (Well, three are; nine have already been discovered.) The precious pendants span Sheffield’s stylistic range—from geometric to organic to referential—and reflect her admiration of “McSweeney’s daring adventures in publishing.” She particularly loves the unconventional People of Paper by Salvador Plascencia and Dave Eggers’ recent adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are.

For those not inclined to join the hunt for the remaining pieces, the charm necklaces—numbers one through 11—are currently available on the Bing Bang website. Once the 12th is discovered, Sheffield will offer custom lucky number necklaces, featuring a customer’s choice digit (be it 4 or 432) in hammered dark patina, strung on a sterling silver chain along with gold and brass clock hands. In the meantime, the mystery continues…

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