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All The Gold In California

From Left: (on Kelley): Dress, Mara Hoffman. Blazer, Chaser. Hat, Ariane Millinary. Silver bracelet, Nissa. Leather bracelet and rosary necklace, AK Vintage. Three-stone necklace, Nissa. Layered chain necklace, M. Cohen. Shoes, Penelope and Coco.(On Papa): Top, Leyendecker. Pants, vintage. Coat, vintage from Shareen Vintage. Hat, vintage from Shareen Vintage. Boots, Pskaufman. Belt, M. Cohen. Body Chain, Mr. Kate. Earring, Pamela Love. Necklace, M. Cohen.

Photography by Chloe Aftel
Styling by Kate Riney
Hair by Ramsell Martinez at Streeters
Makeup by Kali Kennedy
Models: Jessica at Ford Models, Kelley at Q Models, Papa and Sabine at Next Model Management

Left: (on Papa) Beaded necklace, Nissa. Gold chains, AK Vintage. Bracelet, AK Vintage. Cuff and rings, Pamela Love. Silver cuff, Nissa. Right: Hat, Ariane Millinery. Top, L’Agence Skirt, Rag & Bone. Shoulder straps,

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From Left: (on Jessica) Shirt: Kahlo. Jacket: Smythe. Skirt, Emerson. Brooch, M. Cohen. Necklace, JNB by Jacqueline Nicole Brown. Boots, PsKaufman. (On Kelley) Dress, Raquel Allegra. Jacket, Jane Ramsay. Necklace, Nissa. (On Sabine) Dress, L’Agence. Belt, M. Cohen. Necklace, JNB by Jacqueline Nicole Brown, Cuff, CC Skyes. Ring and turquoise cuff, Nissa. (On Papa), Shirt, L’Agence. Skirt, L’Agence. Fur, Jane Ramsay. Hat, vintage from Shareen Vintage. Necklace, Pamela Love. Boots, PsKaufman.

Pants, Daniela Corte. Glasses, vintage Optical Sphere. Beaded necklace, Nissa. Gold chains, AK Vintage. Rings and cuff, Pamela Love. Leather and Bronze Bracelet, AK Vintage.

From left: (on Papa) Dress, Isabel Marant. Vest, Jane Ramsay. Cuff, Pamela Love. (on Kelley) Hat, Ariane Millinary. Top, L’Agence. Skirt, Rag & Bone. Shoulder straps, (on Sabine) Hat, Ariane Millinery. Top, Isabel Marant. Belt and coat, vintage from Shareen Vintage. Beaded Bracelets, M. Cohen.

From Left: (on Kelley): Top, Aryn K. Shearling Coat, L’Agence. Skirt, Aryn K. Necklace, Nissa. (on Sabine) Top, stylist’s own. Skirt, Isabel Marant. Boots, PsKaufman. Necklace, Pamela Love. (on Papa) Top, vintage from Shareen Vintage. Fur, vintage (stylist’s own). Shorts, Alex and Chloe. Boots, PsKaufman. (on Jessica) Shirt, Nicholas K. Boots, PsKaufman.

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  1. Janelle
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    This story has Jennifer Herrema’s name written all over it!!! Love it

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