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Category Archives: Home Decor

Symbols + Rituals

It’s kind of hard to describe what exactly Symbols + Rituals is, other than to say it’s a devastatingly beautiful project started by two close friends, Eri Nagasaka and Nanse Kawashima. Each has assumed various roles in fashion, accessory, interior and product design, so it’s no surprise their joint venture would encompass all of these [...]

In Conversation with Grow Little

Franco-American artist and photographer Kali Vermès started making terrariums to satisfy both her green thumb and creative impulses with one activity. The microcosms she creates, under the moniker Grow Little, are carefully conceived tiny, verdant worlds. Born in Paris, Kali grew up in an apartment filled with hanging plants. Her Russian photographer grandfather grew pear [...]

Dossier in Conversation with Suki Cheema

From left: City pillow; Suki Cheema Suki Cheema speaks with a soft English accent. He collects vintage china, takes annual trips to India and owns more art books than is generally healthy. If these are his joys, then his work—translating these elements into unique textiles that are classic and exotic, artistic and marketable—can be nothing [...]

Chess and Chapan

From their chapan (robes) to their ikat dresses to their head scarves, these little dolls are so cute they almost make me want to play chess.

Salvor Projects at NY Fashion Week F/W10

2010 Ecco Domani Women’s wear award winner Ross Menuez’s flossed his duds last night at his Ellettroilluminati show in Chelsea.  The former industrial designer, who used to create installations for London’s Habitat, padded about the laser-lit room in stockinged feet while models hung from the rafters in biomorphic plexi swings.  The collection, the designer’s first [...]