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Author Archives: Erin Dixon

Wild at Heart

Drawing upon denim’s long-running liaison with music, Courtshop has unveiled a series of rock’n’roll-inspired pieces. Paying homage to seminal artists, each item boasts a handcrafted feel that cuts straight to the raw heart of the genre that inspired them, including the above Wild at Heart jacket, an ode to Stevie Nicks and her song “Wild [...]

A Moment with Alexandra Grecco

Images by Agnes Thor. All clothing, Alexandra Grecco F/W13. Brooklyn-based womenswear designer Alexandra Grecco draws from the past to create clothes for the present. She does this both in terms of inspiration and production; she sews all of her feminine, often ethereal designs in New York City’s Garment District, where years of history have endowed [...]

Une Fenêtre Sur la Ville

Images by Paola Foresti Fashion Week is often referred to as a circus, filled as it is with frantic PRs, backstage chaos and a metaphorical zoo of attendees. But for those in the editorial world—photographers, writers, editors—the week is also redolent with solitary late-night and pre-dawn marathons spent editing film, reviewing shows and fact checking [...]

Honor Spring 2013

Harnessing fashion’s power to facilitate fantasy, New York-based womenswear brand Honor, in collaboration with writers Rachel Fleit and Ry Russo-Young (who also directs the film), takes us to a land of urban dreams and trademark pretty dresses. Among the skyscrapers and quotidian panorama, rooftops fade to green, night skies become inky pools and we remember [...]

19 4t

Images from 19 4t Spring 2013. Photography by Jenna Elizabeth. Hair by Nicole Blais. Makeup by Rachel Wood. Model: Chloe Norgaard. In April 1917, the New York Times published a review of the season’s spring fashions, commenting heavily on the enduring power and prevalence of jersey and lamenting that, “It has ceased to be a [...]