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Monthly Archives: February 2009

MAN @ London Fashion Week

Images courtesy of Mauro Cocilio.

Josh Goot @ London Fashion Week

Moving effortlessly from neutrals to abstract prints, Josh Goot’s collection vibed simple, modern elegance. Opening with a long white blazer and matching trousers, it was as if the designer’s influences had been carefully distilled to create a precise yet exciting aesthetic, with natural makeup and hair and no accessories. The wool dresses mid-show in magnolia [...]

Suzy Menkes @ London Fashion Week

Images courtesy of Mauro Cocilio. Blue pearls and a burgundy coiffure worn with nonchalance are the earmarks of a true style arbitrator.

Danielle Scutt @ London Fashion Week

The most unlikely style icon of the week came at Danielle Scutt’s show, where her inspiration turned out to be…cockerels (known in the United States as the glamorous “rooster”). Yes, you read that correctly. More precisely, she was influenced by their pride and plumage, items which manifested themselves in the spirited grey, black, white and [...]

Mary Katrantzou @ London Fashion Week

Images courtesy of Mauro Cocilio. Taking inspiration from a quintessential Coco Chanel quote, “A woman who does not wear perfume has no future,” Mary Katrantzou created a dress-heavy collection that reflected her penchant for bold textiles. The body of each dress was printed with an exquisite Art Deco perfume bottle, representing a woman’s elegance and [...]