Joanna Newsom by Annabel Mehran

Over the past couple of years photographer Annabel Mehran has taken scores of photos of her friend and muse, folk singer Joanna Newsom. “She combines strength and femininity in a way that I find incredibly inspiring,” says Mehran. “There is something about her that turns on my mind and makes me come up with good ideas.” Mehran and Newsom have collaborated on pictures for the album packaging of the singer’s newest, Have One On Me, that they feel communicates the album’s innate persona.  Of Newsom, who will perform new material on Jimmy Fallon tonight, Mehran says, “She is at once nostalgic and modern. When we made the album photos I tried to create an environment that fit the character she is singing about on her record–a character that I think of as being decadent and self reflective. Some of the photos are very intimate feeling and others have a heavily stylized visual narrative–which to my mind is in keeping with the music.”

Read More for a selection of their collaboration.

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