The World is Flat


As a part of X-Initiative’s No Soul For Sale opening on the 23rd of June, Rhizome will present an exhibition entitled The World is Flat, a series taking the ‘flatness’ of culture characteristic of a web-centered information economy as its orientation.  Artists and collectives including B’L'ing, Anna Lundh, Oliver Laric, Lizzie Fitch, Alexandre Singh and David Horvitz approach this centerpoint discursively, offering everything from found-footage and sculptures to zines and Mariah Carey remixes — and, perhaps mostly excitingly, teaching, as Anna Lundh, on June 27th from 2-3 PM, walks visitors through a short history of hexaflexagons as well as offers a walk-through of their construction.

The exhibition will be on display from June 24 until June 28, and is free to the public.

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