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Welcome to Dossier Journal
Chad Pitman  cover photo
Melodie McDaniel  fashionA Basic Self-Defense Manual,  Styling by Gabriel Feliciano
Yiyun Li  interview by Molly DanielsA writer talks about the evolution of her creative process.
Mark Ronson  interview by T. Cole RachelA music producer discusses the modern British invasion.
Saïd Saadi  fashion profile by Carina Frey
Robert Longo  drawings
David Armstrong  photographyBefore 1984
Mitchell Jackson  essayPortrait of a Coastguard: A Letter to John Edgar Wideman
Jessica Baxter  fictionThe View
Alice Waters  interview by Ariel NadelbergA organic food revolutionary talks about the industrialization of the modern diet.
Emma Straub  poetryCoastlines
Skye Parrott  photographySeven Nudes
Robert Harvey Oshatz  interview by Andrew BlazerAn organic architect speaks about the juncture of form and function.
Joey Gabriel  profile by Christopher BollenA Guide to Living by One Who Has
Julia Hetta  fashionThe Man in the Gabardine Suit,  Styling by Hannes Hetta
Virginia Rolston Parrott  photographyThe Necessity of Appearing in Your Own Face
Chad Pitman  photographyTarantula
Ivy Risser  poetryMy New Form
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson  interview by Nicholas LordenA young songwriter shares his thoughts on icons of the 60’s.
Dan Pope  fictionMouth
Sharon Mesmer  poetryFlarf
Laura Sciacovelli  photographySleep, Traveller
David Zuckerman  classic film reviewJoseph Losey’s The Servant
James Welling  photography
Saki Knafo  fictionSome Sugar
Adrian Gaut  photographyMen and Mountains Meet: Architecture photographs from four cities
Francesco Clemente  interview by Pamela LoveAn artist’s thoughts on ping-pong and God.
Jay Massacret  polaroidsPilgrims: Backstage at Alexander McQueen
Mario Batali  recipeSpring Quartet
Joe Salvatore  fictionLate Thaw
Theo Wenner  fashionHalf Moon Bay,  Styling by Zac Posen
Carlotta Manaigo  fashion archives
Sara Femenella  poetrySymptoms
Marie Chaix  fashion archivesDaybreak in Strausbourg 1990
Molly McIver  crossword puzzle
Ola Rindal  fashion archivesStyling by Marie Chaix