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Post-Miami Musings

The last, and likely only, time Miami received praise from the high-fashion establishment, it came from the late Gianni Versace, who declared in the 1980s, “Here in Miami, I finally found what I was looking: the center of my circle.” However, if our experience earlier this month at the 12th annual Art Basel Miami Beach [...]

Adan Jodorowsky In Conversation

While Adan Jodorowsky’s name is instantly recognizable due to the cult status of his father—the great Alejandro—Adan’s success is not the result of nepotism. His work has its own distinctly unsubtle weirdness: powerful, turbulent and brimming with ideas as beautiful as they are ugly, concepts as dark as they are seemingly born from a fairy [...]

Science is Fiction – Le Vampire by Jean Painlevé