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Roman Grandinetti In Conversation

It’s understood by now that digital technology, for all the distance and disconnect it can create, has generally done just the opposite: bridging societal gaps, reviving and revitalizing analog technology, and—ultimately—fostering a broad worldwide connectedness. Creative agency CNNCTD, and their project CNNCTD+100, might be one of the best contemporary examples of that kind of experience. [...]

Everything Is Practice

Nike recently premiered a new video called Everything Is Practice. Directed by young filmmaker Jake Sumner, the video follows Spike Lee assistant coaching his son’s Chinatown soccer team. It’s shot in black and white and has the nice, lazy, feeling of New York summer. Click “Read More” for the full video.

Spike Lee’s Doin’ Work

Nike hosted a screening of Spike Lee’s new documentary Wednesday night at its Mercer St. space, in advance of the film’s premiere this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival. All I knew going into it was that the film was about basketball and focused on Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant has always seemed a little arrogant to [...]