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Secrets Show

Secrets, a group photography show Alec and I curated, opened in LA just before Halloween. The show features 38 photographers’ idea of what constitutes a secret. It will be on view though November 14 at Space 1520 at 1520 Cahuenga. If you don’t have a chance to see it, you can also pick up the [...]

Sophie Morner: The Name of the Song

Sophie Morner, the founder of Capricious, is one of my favorite people I’ve had the opportunity to work with here in New York. She has an incredible vision and a very gentle way of making serious things happen. She is also, not incidentally, a talented photographer herself, so we vibe out on the whole photographer-with-a-magazine [...]

Design Downtown

Tonight our friends Myriah and Nadia have the opening of their first ever Nightwood store. In addition to their furniture, they have some incredibly talented friends showing and selling their works, as well as a series of  bi-weekly events and workshops in conjunction with Design Sponge. Please see the attached flyer for more info and to sign up. You can [...]

Look: Curated by Sophie Morner

Last month, Dossier‘s Associate Creative Director, Alec Friedman, curated our visual section, Look. Sophie Morner, photographer and publisher of Capricious, has curated it for February with work from Melanie Bonajo, Samantha Cohn, Julia Gillard, Macho Mel and Katherine Wolkoff. Follow the link at right to see more of their incredible work.

boo boo & The Known World at Capricious Space

What do tree branches, horsehair, glass, light and tumbling mats bought on Craigslist have in common? Personally, they are all items that I’ve found next to my bed after nights of heavy drinking. Coincidentally they are also key elements of an installation called boo boo by New York artist Anne Hall, which opened at Capricious Space [...]