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RX Art Benefit

RxArt, an organazation that works to to put original contemporary art in hospital rooms held its annual benefit this month, honoring Dan Colen’s permanent installation for King’s County Hospital Pediatrics. The event raised more than $250,000 to support the organization’s mission. As the many arts patrons and artists such as Neville Wakefield, Olympia Scarry, and [...]

Arcadian Night

This Saturday, Andrea Hill and Kalika Farmer are organizing a nuit blanche festival of rarely seen art in the Berkshires, a community well-known as a beacon of creativity in the mountains. Taking its name from Arcadia, which means ‘utopia in harmony in nature,’ Arcadian Night is a salon style exhibit of 42 artists with an [...]

No Found

One of the best things about the internet — in fact one of the few saving graces of the internet — is the abundance of great little projects: online galleries and portfolios one stumbles across while playing link tag from one website to the next. Often I find myself spending an afternoon indulging in the [...]