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The Avengers: Rebecca Turbow and Tom Hines

Designer Rebecca Turbow and photographer Tom Hines have done it again: collaborating this year in a  photo shoot for Turbow’s spring 2010 collection with a dry 1960s spy vibe. The black and white shots read like vintage stills of The Avengers or The Man from U.N.C.L.E (the spy organization hidden behind a tailor shop), complete with [...]

Rebecca Turbow: The Achromatic Way

Brooklyn-based fashion designer Rebecca Turbow, of “Safe Clothes,” has been promoting safety-through-consistency for years. The former Turquoise Queen (she infamously wore teal and white for seven years straight) converted her wardrobe and clothing line to gray in September of ‘07, and this winter’s collection is no exception. Swing coats, mini-dresses and pleated skirts — the [...]