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I Still Love New York

I am actually out in California right now and as a lifelong New Yorker I am sad and wishing I was there and could do more to help. It feels very weird to be in 85 degree-weather while all of this is going on. The overwhelming community feeling within such a big city is so [...]

Poppy de Villeneuve’s Proust Questions

Photographer and filmmaker Poppy de Villeneuve has been working on a series of ten interviews based on the Proust questionnaire. The first four, with Gerard DeCock, Mike Figgis, Emma Gibson and Edoardo Ballerini are posted to the Another Magazine site and can be seen here.

March Madness

March is here and the sun came out,  and then it went away, but don’t focus on how amazing the weekend was, go out into the world and partake in all the great things happening this week. Click “Read More” for a full listing of events and openings March 22-26.

Test Mag Pop-Up Exhibition

I find video to be one of the most interesting things online has brought to magazines. It adds a dimension, a whole medium, that just wasn’t available before. Jaime Perlman (art director of British Vogue) has launched a side project called Test Mag – a completely online magazine, mostly focused around videos. They’re doing a [...]

Poppy de Villeneuve’s Leaps and Bounds

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. To mark the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth Poppy de Villeneuve has created a short film with the Rambert Dance Company at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London. The film can be seen at ELUXURY.

Poppy de Villeneuve at the Soho Grand

What do music fans think about?

Poppy de Villeneuve at Grand Life

You Are Everywhere  Photographs by Poppy de Villeneuve Opening Wednesday, May 20 7-10 pm The Gallery at Soho Grand 310 West Broadway, New York RSVP: events@grandlifenyc.com Show is up May 20 – September 2

Look Within at The Bloomberg Space

Portraits have been created for centuries, and for centuries their viewers have sought meaning and drawn assumptions about the subjects that gaze back at them. At ‘Within: New Photographic Portraits’ at the Bloomberg Space in London, four artists were commissioned to explore the subtle psychological power and ambiguity of portraiture. Asked first to consider ‘the [...]