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Jennifer Herrema

In the year 1998 the first mass-produced digital audio player was introduced. Will Smith had a huge hit with “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.” The Spice Girls broke up. Total Request Live began airing on MTV. And Royal Trux released Accelerator, something solid and not at all plastic or commercialized, something personal and universal. Maybe even [...]

Grey Area x Helmut Lang

Expanding its mission to explore the “grey area” between art/design and commerce, the aptly named Grey Area—founded by Manish Vora and Kyle DeWoody—teamed up with Helmut Lang to curate an exhibition of sculptures by Shelter Serra and “Helmut Lang Goods” or limited-edition gift items, by Shelter and fellow artists Emilie Clark, James DeWoody, Debra Folz, [...]

Making Waves at Costume National

Anyone who has lived in New York long enough can walk through SoHo and play the game. Donna Karen’s DKNY used to be Sonnabend and the Leo Castelli Gallery, Ellie Tahari used to be the Mary Boone Gallery, Adidas the Gagosian Gallery, and so on. But, last month, if you arrived at Ennio Capasa’s flagship [...]

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

An American, an Irishman, and an Englishman are held captive in the same Lebanese prison cell. In one corner, the American furiously counts off as he performs push-ups, proposing that he and his cellmate condition themselves for physical “competitions.” Opposite him is the Irishman, who recounts a horse race in which an Irish mare won [...]

Ben Pier’s Teenage Teeth

Ben Pier is a photographer who captures moments of youth and portraits of the young at heart in his recently published collection TEENAGE TEETH. Shot over the past decade, Ben’s photographs are an honest ode to sloppy ink jobs, to being drunk and crushing, to bedrooms that feel like fish tanks and that weird girl [...]

In Conversation With Jacopo Benassi and Kubiat Nnamdie

On May 4, a series of books by the Italian photographer Jacopo Benassi were showcased at The Milan Image Art Fair. Among the featured work were the set of photos, The Ecology of Image, and two collaborative works with Kubiat Nnamdie and Pete Voelker titled LaSpezia is Not Miami/ Miami is not LaSpezia and LaSpezia [...]

A Look at Frieze New York

London’s perennially popular Frieze Art Fair descended on New York City for the first time last week with a roar, bringing with it Frieze’s famous custom-designed tent (this iteration designed by Brooklyn-based SO-IL), and unique programming around the fair’s temporary home on Randall’s Island. The Frieze Art Fair, organized by the inimitable duo Amanda Sharp [...]

Grand Rapids, New York

When I heard that our friend Alex Niemetz’s band was scheduled to drop a video for their single, I was stoked. Just in time for summer and pizza, Grand Rapids are a young, downtown New York-based country-garage band, and watching this today reminded me that, “yes, I do like rock and roll.” The band formed in 2009 and [...]

Sarah Girner

In getting to know a person, separating them from their art becomes more and more challenging. So it is with a certain biased pleasure that I ask the German-American photographer Sarah Girner about the creative geyser from which her images spring. We are at a table at a Vietnamese place in New York City’s Chinatown. [...]

Negative Pleasure

Negative Pleasure is a band comprised of visual artists who are currently making music in Queens. Its members are Lionel Guzman, Ed Shawn Herrera, and Emily Wroe. The band combines all of their inspirations, and yet don’t always know why they are doing it; the band therefor bears the qualities of smoke and mirrors, as well [...]