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Roman Grandinetti In Conversation

It’s understood by now that digital technology, for all the distance and disconnect it can create, has generally done just the opposite: bridging societal gaps, reviving and revitalizing analog technology, and—ultimately—fostering a broad worldwide connectedness. Creative agency CNNCTD, and their project CNNCTD+100, might be one of the best contemporary examples of that kind of experience. [...]

Ostalgia Opening

Thursday night was the VIP Preview for the new exhibit opening at the New Museum, Ostalgia. The entire museum was packed, despite a mini-thunderstorm that struck exactly the moment the doors opened. Museum-goers roamed freely throughout the building taking both the staircase and the elevators to check out the exhibit and the party which went [...]

Dossier Issue 7 Launch

On Thursday, May 12 we celebrated the launch of Dossier Issue No. 7 on the roof deck at the New Museum with the support of Vans, music by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear and Neon Indian, drinks by Kombucha Brooklyn, limited edition totes bags by Pamela Love and Caris Reid and a showing of the [...]

Oozing and Knotted Up: Lynda Benglis at the New Musuem

Image courtesy of Benoit Pailley After being instructed to start at the top of the New Museum and work my way down, I was thrilled to arrive at the 2nd floor exhibition of works by Lynda Benglis. From lava forms erupting from a wall lit with a black light to knotted steel formations, which remind [...]

Battle of the Museum Parties

Admittedly, I’m not always quick to cross the East River for a party. But when the Brooklyn Museum and Manhattan’s New Museum held their annual spring galas on the same night last week, I crossed it twice. My first stop was the Brooklyn Museum, where food artist Jennifer Rubbel created an orgiastic feast for all [...]

Lost & Found in the New Museum

The New Museum is having a video screening of scrap pile poetry – lost and forgotten film footage – Wednesday night starting at 7pm, featuring images and sounds collected by artists, musicians, and poets. Check the website of the Lost & Found archive for more info.

Conversations about Iraq

For six weeks in February and March, visitors to Jeremy Deller’s show at the New Museum, It Is What It Is: Conversations about Iraq, could speak with an alternating cast of soldiers, journalists, scholars, and Iraqi nationals and refugees about the situation in Iraq and the country’s culture and history.  The exhibition also featured a car that [...]

Lewis Forever Tonight at the New Museum

The performance group Lewis Forever has just begun their residency at the New Museum for the month of June, and the group, comprised of four siblings, is having their first happening tonight at the New Museum at 7pm.

Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton at the New Museum

Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton is the first-ever survey of the artist’s work, which includes over 100 portraits — paintings, drawings and prints — of icons ranging from modern-day musical legends like Kurt Cobain and Liam Gallagher to historic figures and revered monarchs like Napoleon and Queen Elizabeth. Armed with only a petite canvas and an [...]

After Nature

For all of its melancholic overtones and stomach-turning curios, After Nature at the New Museum is an exceptionally fun place to be drunk. And why not? The apocalypse isn’t exactly something that one should face sober.