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Lizzi Bougatsos in Conversation

There are few people for whom it is safe to employ the cliché, “She needs no introduction.” Lizzi Bougatsos—visual artist, Gang Gang Dance frontwoman, I.U.D. drummer and charmingly gentle weirdo—is one of them. Back in 2008, when Aaron Bondaroff’s show My Life in T-Shirts opened at Terrence Koh’s now defunct Asia Song Society, she was [...]

SXSW: A Diary

When the Los Angeles-based photographer Lauren Ward headed down to the Austin, Texas music festival SXSW to bunk with Roy Harper, Jonathan Wilson and his band next door to Robert Plant‘s house, no less, we asked her to catalogue her adventure in images—from the endless live music to the eclectic attendees to the general weirdness [...]

The Cilo at The Grand Street Bakery

A welcome departure from the standard holiday festivities, The Grand Street Bakery marks the debut of The Cilo at The Bakery with tonight’s opening party. Situated in the back room of the bakery, which used to house a flour cilo, The Cilo expands The Bakery’s inspired mix of new and vintage clothing, homewares and trinkets [...]

In Conversation with tUnE-yArDs

Image by Sarah Moroz Merrill Garbus, founder of the musical project tUnE-yArDs, was sporting some serious face paint when I first saw her perform. It stretched from her left eyebrow to right cheek, transforming her into a David Bowie-esque stage warrior wielding vocal gymnastics with her deep voice. She performed instrumental acrobatics in tandem, puncturing [...]

In Conversation with Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow’s music has been christened many things: a resurrection of synth-laced 1980s tunes! Hazy new wave-tinged pop! Bedroom electro-disco! All of these revival features have garnered the band’s founder George Lewis Jr. enough cred to earn him the moniker the “black Morrissey,” and not without merit. His songs have wonderfully danceable beats, yet the [...]

Dumbo Gets Mad

Dumbo and his charming girlfriend/singer/muse Carly. Images and Text by Silvia Bergomi. Dumbo Gets Mad emerged in the summer of 2010 in Northern Italy and has now migrated to Los Angeles. His initial aim was to lay down some marvelous music in an organic manner, open to whatever direction the tunes took during the recording [...]

Chirayliq, Handsome Central European Men, and the Red Army Choir

While indulging in one of my random-hyperlink-clicking sessions this morning, I came across this videoclip of the Red Army Choir performing The Song of the Volga Boatmen. Since I own one album of the Choir performing in Paris in 1968, and house a childish fascination of Slav pop culture and aesthetics, my interest quickly turned [...]

Vincent Gallo and Sean Lennon at the Anthology in San Diego

I thought I was going to see Vincent Gallo and Sean Lennon make weird psycho-ambient music together. Instead what I got was a similar ensemble to Gallo’s former band RRIICCEE, followed by Sean Lennon crooning away with his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl as The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger. All the same, totally worth [...]

Do You Like Music?

The Feelies play the 4th of July with Sonic Youth at Battery Park.  The show is sold out unfortunately, but you can stay home and watch these videos over and over and over… and keep feeling like it’s 1987.  This Sonic Youth video was directed by Richard Kern and it’s maybe one of my favorite [...]

Wax Poetics Digital

Wax Poetics, the music journal that your boy with loads of both canonical and rare hip-hop, jazz, R&B, funk, and soul records crowding his crib swears by, launched their own digital music downloads store today. Personally, whenever I read the magazine I find myself constantly putting it down and quickly searching the web for the [...]