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Making Waves at Costume National

Anyone who has lived in New York long enough can walk through SoHo and play the game. Donna Karen’s DKNY used to be Sonnabend and the Leo Castelli Gallery, Ellie Tahari used to be the Mary Boone Gallery, Adidas the Gagosian Gallery, and so on. But, last month, if you arrived at Ennio Capasa’s flagship [...]

Robert Longo at Metro Pictures

Robert Longo’s last show in New York, “Children of Nyx” (2007), comprised a series of sleeping infants rendered in charcoal. Circling the room, the viewer tip-toed as if in a nursery, afraid to disturb the quietude. Longo’s newest show, which opened at Metro Pictures last Thursday, is not so intimate: instead of dreaming children we [...]