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Roman Grandinetti In Conversation

It’s understood by now that digital technology, for all the distance and disconnect it can create, has generally done just the opposite: bridging societal gaps, reviving and revitalizing analog technology, and—ultimately—fostering a broad worldwide connectedness. Creative agency CNNCTD, and their project CNNCTD+100, might be one of the best contemporary examples of that kind of experience. [...]

Mark Borthwick One Night Performace

Friday, February 4 Mark Borthwick will be giving a one night performance at Martos Gallery, 540 W. 29th Street, NYC. The performance starts at 7 pm.

Exhibition A

Exhibition A is a recently launched website for art editions. Created by Bill Powers (of Half-Gallery), Cynthia Rowley, Laura Martin and Gabby Munoz, it offers limited-edition works by artists you will have probably heard of even if you aren’t an art geek – the first set of offerings are by Richard Phillips, Hanna Liden and Mark [...]

Mark Borthwick at The Journal Gallery Tonight