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Lesley Vance and Ricky Swallow

The exhibition currently taking place of work by Lesley Vance and Ricky Swallow is the first showing of contemporary art taking place at the Huntington Art Gallery. The Huntington is a library, art gallery and garden established in the early 20th century in the mansion of the Huntington family. This is the first show of [...]

Maria Minerva

Maria Juur, also known as Maria Minerva has made me a curious cat, so I presented her with some questions to satisfy my growing hunger. The outcome is some gourmet soul food for you. Click “Read More” for the interview. Photos by Marek Chorzepa.


“Until now, every magazine was a bunch of pages stapled together. It arrived in your mailbox folded, mutilated spindled — usually with more ads than editorial. Last year, a group of us enjoying the sun, skiing and unique cultural climate of Aspen Colorado, asked ourselves, ‘Why?’ Why, for example, couldn’t a magazine come in a [...]