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Lizzi Bougatsos in Conversation

There are few people for whom it is safe to employ the cliché, “She needs no introduction.” Lizzi Bougatsos—visual artist, Gang Gang Dance frontwoman, I.U.D. drummer and charmingly gentle weirdo—is one of them. Back in 2008, when Aaron Bondaroff’s show My Life in T-Shirts opened at Terrence Koh’s now defunct Asia Song Society, she was [...]

Back to the Future

The online art gallery It’s Our Playground was built with the idea that exhibitions could live in virtual galleries as well as in brick and mortar spaces. This week, art critic and Dossier contributor Timothee Chaillou curated a customizable triptych featuring an insanely long list of artists including Roe Ethridge, Andrew Kuo, Lizzi Bougatsos, Klara [...]

Angela Boatwright X Lizzi Bougatsos

New York photographer Angela Boatwright and her friend  Lizzi Bougatsos make some shapes for Dossier. Click “Read More” for additional images.

In the Company of People

The Company of People Group Exhibition opened Saturday at Gallery Space 15 Twenty in LA. Curated by Landon Metz, the show features works by Lizzi Bougatsos, Jonnie Craig, Liam Crockard, Hannah Metz, Landon Metz, Ben Schumacher, Mitchell Spider, Andrew Sutherland and Peter Sutherland. I’m always curious to see people do things that they don’t normally [...]