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Younger Than I’ll Be

Younger Than I’ll Be, a group photography show I curated, is opening Wednesday, April 7 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It’s the first show I’ve curated, and I can’t tell you yet how it looks because I’m going to hang it tomorrow. What I can tell you that it’s about New York as it [...]


42 Below, a brand of vodka from New Zealand, has begun a new campaign entitled OneDreamRush, in which it has asked 42 directors to produce 42-second shorts about dreams. While the idea itself seems a bit stilted, it’s the list of directors that should really excite: David Lynch, Harmony Korine, Larry Clark, Kenneth Anger and [...]

Kids Behaving Badly

The highly publicized Kids Behaving Badly, a new group show at Clampart, features the work of fifteen photographers, all of whom seem immoderately concerned with what American kids are doing on Saturday night. The photographs on display include enough pubic hair, binge drinking and cross-dressing to repulse the most gutter-minded viewer, and while this is [...]