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The Future of the City Interviews

The Future of the City: this is the motto of the carmaker, Smart, and the six New York City magazines who have joined forces to design “great things” – in the literal sense of the word. Take a look behind the scenes and hear what the artists themselves have to say about the project. The murals [...]

Magazine Party

Over the last few months, our friend Jill Bradshaw (formerly of I Heart) has been putting together a new side project, Magazine Party. An extension of Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party, Magazine Party aims to hold back from that technically slick feel that defines so many modern publications. Instead it takes a more DIY approach, focusing on [...]

Kenzo Minami Opening at the Soho Grand

Kenzo Minami‘s solo show Remakes opens Wednesday the 9th at the Gallery at the Soho Grand Hotel.    Click “Read More” for the flyer and RSVP info.