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Work it Out

This is Brooklyn-based band Workout‘s newest video from their album Life is a Nightmare. Directed by Dossier contributor Josh Slater, the video sees the band on a cosmic journey from the beginning of time to the end of days. I particularly love the NASA footage from the 80′s.

Forever Vision

Josh Slater is an artist known for his trippy, psychedelic line drawings of complex geometric shapes. His references combine science fiction and other futuristic influences with natural wonders of the world ike moss and other stuff like that. His latest thing is taking his graphic skills off of the page and making multi-dimensional videos, sculptures [...]

Even Brighter Than The Moon Moon Moon

Fireworks are a funny thing. They celebrate and illuminate and gather people together on the streets and in fields and make them stare at the sky. I’m all for staring at the sky, and this year a week or so before the 4th, I had the idea to have people share with us their firework [...]

Heavy Rays

Its happy space out time. Take a 15 minute trip into unknown landscapes and structures with our friend and Dossier collaborator Josh Slater. So sit back, relax, and strap on your seatbelt. You’ve never been on a ride like this before, with a producer who can rap and control the maestro. Original score by Sahra Motalebi.

Dossier Issue 7 Launch

On Thursday, May 12 we celebrated the launch of Dossier Issue No. 7 on the roof deck at the New Museum with the support of Vans, music by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear and Neon Indian, drinks by Kombucha Brooklyn, limited edition totes bags by Pamela Love and Caris Reid and a showing of the [...]

The Future of the City Interviews

The Future of the City: this is the motto of the carmaker, Smart, and the six New York City magazines who have joined forces to design “great things” – in the literal sense of the word. Take a look behind the scenes and hear what the artists themselves have to say about the project. The murals [...]

The City of The Future

Smartcar recently asked six magazines to visually answer the question: “What is your vision of the city of the future?” Dossier, Zink, Nylon, Theme and Pin-Up were all asked to participate. The results are displayed on Colossal Media billboards throughout the city and Brooklyn. Our collaboration with artist Josh Slater is up on Spring and [...]

Dossier Smart Billboard

We collaborated with Smart Car on a billboard that’s being painted right now. As part of a project they’re doing about the “future of the city,” Smart asked six magazines to interpret what that phrase meant. Each design is going up as a billboard by Collosal Media at a different location on the city. For [...]

Two Things About Josh Slater

Our friend Josh Slater is an artist who has been doing some interesting projects recently. He designed a pyramid for the new MGMT video for Congratulations, and he also has been working on a project with us, designing a billboard for Smart Car which is going to be painted on Spring St. next week. Click [...]

Today’s Mail

I generally hate it when the post office leaves those sticky “we tried to deliver it, but you weren’t here” notes on my door (I don’t actually believe they ever ring the bell to see if  anyone is home. I think they just see it wont fit through the mail slot and leave), but today [...]