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Secrets Show

Secrets, a group photography show Alec and I curated, opened in LA just before Halloween. The show features 38 photographers’ idea of what constitutes a secret. It will be on view though November 14 at Space 1520 at 1520 Cahuenga. If you don’t have a chance to see it, you can also pick up the [...]

Younger Than I’ll Be

Younger Than I’ll Be, a group photography show I curated, is opening Wednesday, April 7 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It’s the first show I’ve curated, and I can’t tell you yet how it looks because I’m going to hang it tomorrow. What I can tell you that it’s about New York as it [...]

March Madness

March is here and the sun came out, ¬†and then it went away, but don’t focus on how amazing the weekend was, go out into the world and partake in all the great things happening this week. Click “Read More” for a full listing of events and openings March 22-26.

Dustin Wayne Harris: A New Career in a New Town

Dustin Wayne Harris was born in Bane, West Virginia in 1982. The major pastimes in Bane are strip-mining, methamphetamine production, and serial killing. Dustin’s parents did a little of all three. Eventually, Dustin’s father distinguished himself with a particularly original sequence of murders. He was sentenced to life without parole. Finding the options in Bane [...]