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Jim Hodges at Gladstone Gallery

The pieces in Jim Hodges’ show at Gladstone Gallery cast transient beams of light onto the walls and into your eyes. Each work considers and consists of bits of color and reflective materials (chips of mirrors, washes of metallic and spills of shine). Mirror Ball, on view at Gladstone’s 24 St. space, is the piece [...]

Westside Story: New Painting by Jeff Koons @ Gagosian Gallery

On view through January 9, 2010 at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, Jeff Koons: New Paintings challenges viewers to confront preconceived notions and look beyond abstraction. Stepping out of the realm of his kitschy sculptural interpretations of everyday objects – balloon animals and vacuums – the paintings ignite a dialogue between a fascination with [...]

Culture: Comfortable Looking at Other People Naked, Not So Sure About Itself

A week ago, the Tate gallery staged a large party to celebrate the opening of Pop Life, née Sold Out, its blockbuster investigation of the dominance of Warholian mass production in the art market. It seemed a fittingly hubristic affair, the after-party taking place in Tramp, a nightclub in the genteelly unfashionable St James’ – [...]

Koons, Kelley, Koh

A new exhibition at the Mary Boone Gallery features the work of Jeff Koons, Mike Kelley and Terence Koh, a rambunctious bunch by any standard. Curator Javier Peres assures us that the show will abide “No tricks, no gimmicks, no bullshit”—and he is right to assuage our doubts. Few other contemporary artists have excited such [...]