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Keeping up with the Johns

Jasper Johns is having a bit of a moment. In addition to being profiled in the December issue of Vogue, the artist also has a retrospective up at the SFMOMA and an exhibition of new work at Matthew Marks’ two L.A. galleries. For Johns, now 82, this will mark the first time he has premiered [...]

Gilgamesh and Beautification

The simultaneous openings of exhibits of new work by legendary graffiti writers Revok and Saber at Known Gallery on Saturday were remarkable for a number of reasons, some only tangentially related to graffiti art in Los Angeles. The shows, Gilgamesh and Beautification, respectively, connected to the consistent expansion and refinement that we have come to expect of both [...]

John Giorno’s Pockets

Poet and performance artist John Giorno is many things to many people. It depends on who you talk to. To some, he’s simply lost in translation. The author of Suicide Sutra and Thanks for Nothing is fatalistic, shockingly blunt, incendiary, controversial, and pornographic – according to his critics. His defenders claim the iconic figure in [...]


“Until now, every magazine was a bunch of pages stapled together. It arrived in your mailbox folded, mutilated spindled — usually with more ads than editorial. Last year, a group of us enjoying the sun, skiing and unique cultural climate of Aspen Colorado, asked ourselves, ‘Why?’ Why, for example, couldn’t a magazine come in a [...]