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Making Waves at Costume National

Anyone who has lived in New York long enough can walk through SoHo and play the game. Donna Karen’s DKNY used to be Sonnabend and the Leo Castelli Gallery, Ellie Tahari used to be the Mary Boone Gallery, Adidas the Gagosian Gallery, and so on. But, last month, if you arrived at Ennio Capasa’s flagship [...]


This weekend was all about Hollywood. In addition to the Oscars, which were as always, a bit lagging. (David Letterman: “The oscars are like a JetBlue flight, you wait for four and a half hours and don’t take off.”) This weekend was also the opening of photographer Terry Richardson’s Terrywood. This marks the first solo [...]

My R.E.M. Memories

R.E.M. announced late yesterday that it is officially splitting up after a three-decade run as one the seminal bands in modern American music. The news of this break is sure to throw their fans into an intense memory whirlpool. I guarantee iTunes is experiencing a heavy influx of shoppers while recollections of R.E.M.’s vast oeuvre are strong today. [...]


42 Below, a brand of vodka from New Zealand, has begun a new campaign entitled OneDreamRush, in which it has asked 42 directors to produce 42-second shorts about dreams. While the idea itself seems a bit stilted, it’s the list of directors that should really excite: David Lynch, Harmony Korine, Larry Clark, Kenneth Anger and [...]