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Michael David Murphy In Conversation

“This is a picture I did not take of the most optimistic homeless man in America, spare changing at the Fox News-sponsored ‘Tea Party’ in Atlanta on April 15, rattling his empty cup as hundreds passed-by and grimaced at the sight of him approaching, trying to avoid meeting his smiling face, clenching their car keys [...]

Westside Story: Interview with Alexander Wang at Opening Ceremony

Growing up in Los Angeles, I believed that New York would be the only place where I could get up close and personal with the types of fashion that I love. Thankfully this past year Los Angeles gave me some amazing opportunities to meet or stand merely inches away from such designers as Phillip Lim, [...]

Part 1 of 3: interview with Nico Dios

Exploiting the countless forms of communication, I conducted three interviews with artists, using three different forms of communication. These artists are not necessarily the art-stars we see posing awkwardly on the cover of magazines or hiding quietly in the corners of exclusive nightclubs. They are unique in that they all are creating and completing narratives [...]