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Michael David Murphy In Conversation

“This is a picture I did not take of the most optimistic homeless man in America, spare changing at the Fox News-sponsored ‘Tea Party’ in Atlanta on April 15, rattling his empty cup as hundreds passed-by and grimaced at the sight of him approaching, trying to avoid meeting his smiling face, clenching their car keys [...]

Adan Jodorowsky In Conversation

While Adan Jodorowsky’s name is instantly recognizable due to the cult status of his father—the great Alejandro—Adan’s success is not the result of nepotism. His work has its own distinctly unsubtle weirdness: powerful, turbulent and brimming with ideas as beautiful as they are ugly, concepts as dark as they are seemingly born from a fairy [...]

Other Travel In Conversation

Other Travel is a Kickstarter-funded project by artists Hayden Dunham and Meriem Bennani. A collaborative piece at its core, Other Travel is based on the idea that there is another dimension mirroring ours—the Other World—in which exists each human’s corresponding “Other.” Hayden and Meriem act as mediums between our world and the Other World, delivering [...]

Space Ghost Purrp

SpaceGhostPurrp’s rhymes and self-produced beats are rich and mirage-inducing, like the purp in his name; They seem born of a slow, druggy magic. The reality is that SpaceGhostPurrp, birth name Markese (not Muney Jordan, pronounced “Money” Jordan, the name of his first rap project), was born in 1991 and grew up with the sort of [...]

Donna Huanca In Conversation

Chicago-born artist Donna Huanca’s installation, Panic Fear Crying Fits, is on display at Preteen Gallery in Mexico City, where she is currently living and working. She’s particularly nomadic, her travels informing her pieces, and the nature of her work is expansive in scope—her 2008 installation, The Secret Museum of Mankind in Austin, Texas, featured live [...]

Mandy Coon In Conversation With Von Haze

Travis Caine and Katherine Kin make up the UK-via-New York City electronic music duo Von Haze. Mandy Coon is a fashion designer, DJ (one-half of 2 Mandy DJs), former model and a New York City nightlife fixture. In anticipation of Von Haze’s first full-length album, Kar-Dee-Akk-Ake, Mandy and Von Haze got together to discuss music and [...]