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Jacmel is a city of 40,000 people on the southern coast of Haiti. It has been tentatively accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with buildings dating from the early 1900′s, but in more modern times it has been known for its laid-back beach vibe (including surfing) and vibrant arts scene. Although damaged by the [...]

In Conversation with Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

From NYC 08-10. All images by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti. I met Alessandro in Milan while he was preparing a photography exhibition. He’s a sort of Al Pacino-looking guy who grew up in Bassano del Grappa, a little Italian city near Venice, and moved to New York in his twenties, eventually finding his professional footing as [...]

On the Ground in Port au Prince

Images and text by Will Sterns. I went to Haiti two days after the earthquake with Regine Zamor, a writer friend who—like most Haitian-Americans—couldn’t get in touch with her relatives in Port au Prince. After flying into Santo Domingo, we took a cab to the border and spent the night in a hotel, crossing into [...]

Tools For Thought: Rebuild Haiti Update

The good and wise philanthropists listening to Patti Smith Monday This just in: Tools for Thought‘s silent auction at Sotheby’s Monday night, featuring dozens of artists, most of whom were among the more than 600 hundred attendees who enjoyed Patti Smith’s very un-silent performance, raised more than $150,000 to put toward the reconstruction of Haiti. [...]

Tools for Thought: Rebuild Haiti

Last night Patti Smith rocked the house. The auction house. Sotheby’s. The venerable ol’ East Side bidding grounds was the venue for a silent auction and cocktail benefit organized by Tools for Thought and Partners in Health to support efforts to rebuild Haiti after the disastrous earthquakes there. “This is good,” said filmmaker Everard Findlay. [...]

Help Haiti Tonight at KCDC

Earthquake in Haiti

Tens of thousands are feared dead after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, with its epicenter just outside Port-au-Prince, rocked Haiti last night.  Anyone interested in donating money to the relief effort might look into Partners in Health, a smaller organization based primarily in Haiti that has been highly recommended by Peter Hallward, author of the excellent [...]