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Mike Brodie

At 17 Mike Brodie hopped his first train close to his home in Pensacola, FL thinking he would visit a friend in Mobile, AL. Instead the train went in the opposite direction to Jacksonville, FL. Days later, Brodie rode the same train home, arriving back where he started. Brodie began to wander across the U.S. [...]

Marijke Koger-Dunham

“The zeitgeist at 1967 was magical. The magician portrayed was symbolic of the illusion of the physical world and our god-given free will to create what we want in life. In hindsight it was a bit naive, the powers of evil don’t let go of their greed easily. At the time it seemed nothing was impossible and there was [...]

Golf Wang

Our friends at Family Bookstore are having an opening reception and book launch signing for the LA-based Rap group OFWGKA. Golf Wang features captured moments these friends have spent together and features work from Odd Future, Vyron Turner, Wolf Haley, Brick Stowell, Taco Bennett, Lucas Vercetti, Julian Berman and Sagan Lockhart. I imagine it should be an [...]

Magazine Party

Over the last few months, our friend Jill Bradshaw (formerly of I Heart) has been putting together a new side project, Magazine Party. An extension of Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party, Magazine Party aims to hold back from that technically slick feel that defines so many modern publications. Instead it takes a more DIY approach, focusing on [...]

Peter Sutherland and Albert Maysles

Albert Maysles is the filmmaker behind such amazing, amazingly weird films as Gimme Shelter and Grey Gardens. He’s going to be in conversation with Peter Sutherland, another chronicler of the slightly strange, on Tuesday, April 20, at Thirty Days Gallery. It’s one of the many events they have going on this month in a pop-up [...]