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Jennifer Herrema

In the year 1998 the first mass-produced digital audio player was introduced. Will Smith had a huge hit with “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.” The Spice Girls broke up. Total Request Live began airing on MTV. And Royal Trux released Accelerator, something solid and not at all plastic or commercialized, something personal and universal. Maybe even [...]

Letters to Emma Bowlcut

Thursday night at Spoonbill & Sugartown in Brooklyn, musician Bill Callahan (of Smog) gave a reading from his book, Letters to Emma Bowlcut. The epistolary novel chronicles one man’s correspondence with a woman he met at a party. Though they both exchange letters, we only get to read his point of view and responses to [...]

Harmony Korine Collected Fanzines

Two years ago I layed gloved hands upon a copy of Harmony Korine‘s Humor zine at the special collections library. This was one of several limited edition fanzines Korine made (sometimes in collaboration with Mark Gonzales) during the 90s, through the Alleged Gallery and Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York. On November 18th, the gloves [...]